Hey there! I just saw your society6 post and I wanted to ask you: how does S6 work for you? Is it the only online store service you have tried? Would you recommend it to a fellow artist? Any tips or bits of personal experience, if you don't mind sharing? Sorry for the avalanche of questions, and thanks in advance!

Well, honestly I’m having it since….yesterday : D. I’m competely new to it and wanted to give it a try. I was also planning to make some art for othertees/qwertee in time but still haven’t came up with design. Anyway I hope to stay on society6 long enough to be able to answer these questions in the future. 

So sorry for being useless :’D

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nice 3 | by kayteeknee | Tumblr.
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Did you like my Chilton fanart? Now you can have him on your phone case or wall so he can stare at you with his puppy eyes all the time~ 

You can buy it here

also available: 

I will be updating my account with more fanarts for prints, mugs, phone cases or clocks. Don’t want to miss it? Follow me at society6

Thanks for all the support (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

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If I ever get married I’m insisting that The Rains of Castamere be played during the reception just so I can sit back and watch the panic creep onto my guests faces

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Some superb photographs of birds, Sushyue Liao , a Taiwanese photographer (via)

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i’m not attractive naturally i’m just decent looking at the right angle in the right light with the right makeup once in a while on a good day

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John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) was a Victorian-era painter, notable for his moonlit scenes and landscapes.

These paintings are incredible because we’ve all seen eerie clouds like this, but they’re virtually impossible to photograph the same way we see them. So this guy painted them. This is why painting and art is important. 

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Of course this would happen. It was only a matter of time. XD

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oh man I would reblog your fabulous graphic but it’s just so much easier to right click, select ‘save file’, pick a folder, name the file, go to my dashboard, open a new photo post, click ‘upload’, find where I saved the file, select it, wait for it to load, tag it, and repost it gosh darn




i wonder if actors ever get their scripts and are like

well this is fucking stupid


is this a reaction or an example

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whenever i see these post-apocalyptic films set in the USA where everyone is pretty much just killing each other with no mention of other nations i always just assume that the rest of the world is fine and has learnt how to resume life as normal





If you cloned yourself and then got a handjob from your clone, is that incest, homosexual, or masturbation?

its a sin thats what it is

#pretty sure its dramatical murder

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